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Bio 11 Exam Review

Biology 11 Scientific Method, Taxonomy and Five kingdoms Test Review


Yes, you are allowed an index card to put anything you want on it.

I would suggest you record the classification of humans first.




  • Which comes first in a binomial name, the genus or species?
  • Which word in a binomial name has a capital letter?
  • What is the scientific name for humans?
  • Humans belong to which kingdom?
  • Which phylum do humans belong to?
  • Which class do humans belong to?
  • What family do humans belong to?


Five Kingdoms

  • Bacteria and cyanobacteria belong to which kingdom?
  • Molds and mushrooms belong to which kingdom?
  • If you are looking at a proper order going from most general to specific, how
  • Would you arrange the seven groups of living things. (KPCOFGS)?


Scientific method

  • Which theory states that organisms contain coded information that dictates their form, function, and behavior?
  • Which theory states that all organisms are composed of cells?
  • Which theory states that all living things have a common ancestor and are adapted to a particular way of life?
  • What is biogenesis and how is it linked to theories of living things?


  • Is a hypothesis an a tentative explanation for an observed phenomena or results?
  • What is the proper order for the sequence of a scientific methodology?
  • Can a conclusion of an experiment change?
  • What is the scientific method?
  • Can a hypothesis be proven true?
  • What is the purpose of a control?
  • Do scientist always put their results in the news?
  • What is usually the step of the scientific method?
  • Of all the steps of a scientific method, which has the most evidence for being true?
  • What is the purpose of a hypothesis?
  • If you are experimenting with a particular independent variable, is it important to use the same type of living thing in both the control and test groups? Why?
  • A theory that is accepted by more scientist is often called what?
  • Can you test an ethical or moral decision using the scientific method?
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