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Bio 11 L 4 (2017-18)

Bio 11 L 4 (17-18)                                     Date Sept 19 201



Last lessons Objectives



1.    Work Package on Scientific method

2.    Big 3 ideas (Taxonomy, Evolution and Activities of life)


Today’s Objectives 1.    New species in class

2.    Chapter 7 Idea of Taxonomy

3.    This weeks mission: Taxonomy and Scientific method



Number One

How and why do we classify things

Lets visit some sites to answer this question










What terms are being used?

What techniques are being discussed?

What things in your life could you classify and why?

Does the method of classification include biochemistry?

Does the method of classification include activities of life?


In class classification challenge:

Using both text keys and activity hand out, classify the plants in room411





Number Two

Growing a Plant

You seed should be growing.

Please transfer the seed to a pot and start collecting data.

At this point in time, you need to keep your watering to just twice a week. Keep a record of this.

Look at new features of your plant and start to make quantitative and qualitative observations.

Begin to decide how to experiment with your plant (see ideas below)




Number Three

·      Working on your worksheet 19-25 plus 44

·      We will be creating an activity next class to decide what information is good material for a quiz.

·      See quizzes below


Text book Ref


Chapter 1 and chapter 7  
Online Plant project ideas



Practice quizzes on introductory ideas






Practice Multiple Choice



Homework List In Green duotang with a title page

Work so far

a)   History of biology time line

b)   Amino acid case study

c)   Growing a seed

d)   Worksheets (19-25)

e)   Worksheet 44

f)     Classifying 411 plants


Take home Three cool cartoons about life



From Calvin and Hobbes



“Watcha doin’?”
“Looking for frogs.”
“How come?”
“I must follow the inscrutable exhortations of my soul.”
― Bill Watterson


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