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Bio 11 Lesson 4                                      Date Sept 15th 2017



Last lessons Objective



1.    Levels of organizations

2.    Activities of life

3.    Amino Acid Case Study


Today’s Objectives 1.    Hypothesis and day to day use

2.    Dealing with data

3.    Taxonomy, DNA and Activities of life



Number One

Topic : Hypothesis and variables

Sheet Number 19 and 20

What makes a hypothesis?

Note not just a guess but a testable prediction


A formal hypothesis must include “If” and “then”

A hypothesis should be a testable idea.

“If” is the independent variable

“then” is the dependent variable

When graphing data that evolves from this hypothesis, the independent variable is the Y axis and the dependent variable .


For example :

If plant x is given nutrient then it will grow.

Data for this experiment would be a measurement of height (on the y axis) and the time you made the measurement would be on the x axis. Now you would a graph that could show change of length of stem, leaf or even width of stem and link that to time.


Youtube on hypothesis







what is a controlled experiment






Number Two

Devising experiments


Dealing with Data Sheet 22,

Continuing the challenge to make a seed “germinate”

Converting data to graphs.

Y axis is the independent variable

X axis is a constant such as time.


Interpreting graphs via shape or slope.


A conclusion in a lab should include

1)    Experimental Error

2)    How did you hypothesis compare to the results

3)    A new variable to test



Experimental design




Interpreting data



cricket lab




Number Three

Reporting results and drawing conclusions


What is the difference between raw data and interpreting data?


Compare your hypothesis to results.

Compare interpreting data and link to current ideas

Discuss experimental error

What would you do for the next experiment





Text book Reference


Chapter One




Online and You tube Reference  

Measuring duck weed



History of Biology Video Game



History of Bio








Homework So far

1)    Biology History

2)    Case study amino acids

3)    Work sheets in order


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