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Bio 12 L2 (2017-18)

Bio 12 L2 (2017-18)                            Date: Sept 9th 2017


Last lessons Objective Class Notes or Information


1.   Getting squared away

2.   Intro the chemistry meets biology





Today’s Objective 1.   Chemical Bonds (4 types)

2.   Properties of water

3.   Inorganic to organic molecules



Number One

From our previous class we recall that when two two different elements combine together, they form a molecule


It requires energy to make a chemical bond.






Number Two

Water’s properties can be linked both to

a)   Being a polar molecule

b)   Sharing hydrogen bonds

Inorganic and organic Chemistry

·      CHNOPS

·      OilRig


Introduction to water


How many properties of water are there?


Properties of water





Hand out

Number Three

A)   Using water to make a solution

·      Water and Acids and Bases and Inorganic Chemistry

·      Carbon based molecules and water.

·      Chains and rings of carbon


B)   Using water to make or break a biomolecule Hydrolysis and Synthesis


Riddles to why people get confused.



Hydrolysis verses Atp hydrolysis






Text Reference Chapter Two

Molecules of life

Classification of molecules by function.


You tube Reference Bozeman



chemistry for biologists



Other reasons to study biology in high school



Class Notes References In class work sheet


Biology 12 concept map



Take Home message



It take energy to make and break things. Water has two types of bonds which create situations where a molecule can be broken (lysis) or separated (make into a solvent). Energy and matter..an amazing thing.
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