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Bio 11 SS Test 8 Review questions

Test 8 Molusca, Arthropoda and Echinodermata Review


  1. What is the name of the principal body cavity of molluscs? (Think about movies scenes)
  2. Lit 3 benefits of the arthropod exoskeleton (3 marks)
  3. Your friend claims a spider dropped down from the ceiling and ate a piece of her apple. Give two reasons why this is not possible. (2 reasons)
  4. List and explain three ways that a squid is adapted for a predatory lifestyle (3 reasons)
  5. Describe how a sea star uses its water vascular system in feeding.
  6. Which phylum do Clams, snails, sea slugs, and octopi belong?
  7. Which invertebrate animals does NOT have a true coelom?
  8. What are of the features of molluscs?
  9. What characteristics do all arthropods have?
  10. Sometimes you can find clamshells with small round holes in them on the beach. The hole was made by a sea snail. Which body part did the sea snail use to make the hole?
  11. Can you match structures with  animal phylla ? Can you identify which structures do NOT belong to the same group as the others?
  12. Malpighian tubules are found in which phylum?
  13. Malpighian tubules are part of which organ system?
  14. Can you match common names for Mollusca, Arthropoda and Echinodermata?
  15. Spiders belong to which taxonomical class?
  16. Which class do snails belong to?
  17. Spiracles and trachea are found in the grasshopper’s
  18. What is the function of Arthropod blood
  19. An organ or structure of the female grasshopper, used to form short tunnels to lay egg in is called?
  20. Which phylum contains the most intelligent invertebrates?
  21. What are common structures shared by both Echinodermata and Arthropoda?
  22. What body part does a spider use to breathe?
  23. Do starfish have a carapace?
  24. Can you label all the structures on a squid diagram?
  25. What structure do land snails use to obtain oxygen?
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