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Bio 11 SS Worm Exam Review

Worms Exam Review


  1. The body of a segmented worm is divided into segments, separated by what structure?
  2. Which worm has a proglottid and what does it do?
  3. What is the tough outer covering of a nematode called?
  4. What tissue is a coelom lined with?
  5. What is cephalization?
  6. In which worm phylum/phyla do the members have a developed circulatory system?
  7. In what way is the digestive system of the roundworm considered more advanced than that of the flatworm? (2 reasons)
  8. Why is cephalization associated with motility? (2 reasons)
  9. Which characteristics do flatworms share with hydra?
  1. What is a structure or characteristics are shared by all the worm phyla?
  1. In which of the worm phyla do blood vessels appear?
  1. Which of worms have a complete one-way digestive tract
  1. A fluid-filled, mesoderm-lined body cavity is known as a
  1. How would you list worm phyla from least to most advanced?
  2. Which type of worms (common names) are found in phylum Annelida?
  3. How do Annellia worms breath or respire?
  4. What is an organ designed to grind food in the Annelid digestive system?
  5. If an organism is a hermaphrodite what organs would it have?i
  6. What is the dorsal saddle like structure called in segmented worms called and what is it’s function?
  7. What are some common names for both parasitic and free living Nematods?
  8. What is a concentration of nervous tissue that functions as a simple brain is called
  9. What is the function of the scolex?
  10. Looking at a cladogram , what is an evolutionary development first seen in Nematodes?
  11. Which worm has a closed circulatory system?
  12. What is th most highly developed organ system in a tapeworms ?
  13. Why are adult tapeworms have reduced or absent digestive systems?
  14. To avoid being infected by the trichinella worm what should you do?
  15. Proper sewage treatment could control which types of worms (common names like blood worms, flukes or latin names?
  16. What is the order in which food pass down the digestive system of an earthworm?


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