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Molusca and Arthropoda Study guide

Molusca and Arthropoda Study Guide:



Activity of life Molusca Arthropoda
Traits ·      What are five traits for molusca and which is found in all molusca

·      What is a trait that both molusca and arthropods have yet round worms do not have?

·      What are 8 traits shared by all arthropoda?


·      What is a shared structure or structures that arthropoda and molusca share?


Respiration ·      What are the breathing structures in molusca? ·      What are three organs and strategies for arthropods
Regulation ·      Which molusca has the most cephalization?

·      What are three ways that a molusca can adapt and protect themselves?


·      What are three types of insect learning?
Reproduction ·      Are molusca hermaphrodite or single sex?

·      Why would a left twisting snail find it hard to reproduce?

·      What structures to squids have for reproduction?



Why are larvae found in different habitat than adults?


Why do arthropods have such unique mating rituals?

Excretion ·      Why does nitrogen waste change from ammonia or uric acid to urea in arthropods and molusca ·      Where does excretory waste go in a grasshopper
Nutrition ·      What are the three ways that molusca can get food?

·      What is a unique rasping structure in gastropods?

·      How could a sea snail suck the visceral mass out of a clam?

·      What structures do squids have to digest food?

What do grasshoppers eat that makes their blood green and sweat?


Why do insects need to eat so much energy?


Growth ·      How is a shell made and from what tissue?

·      What is a pearl?

·      How are molusca valueable to humans (3 ways)?

·      How could squids get to be so big?

·      What is “molting” and why is it dangerous?

·      What are the three types of metamorphosis and what are creatures called for complete metamorphosis?

·      What are 2 disadvantages for molting?

Transport ·      Do molusca have open or closed circulatory systems? ·      What are 4 reasons that the grasshoppers circulatory system is unique?
Synthesis ·      What is “super glue” and which molusca is it found in? Which sex makes a spider’s web?


Feature Creature Squid


Insects and grasshopper
  Can you label a diagram of a squid? (exterior and interior)


Can you label a diagram of a grasshopper? (internal and exterior)


Vocab Gladius  
  Book lung  
Check which phylum features are found. Visceral mass  
Think about structure and function. Compound eye  
  ·      Simple eye  
  ·      Pinchers  
  ·      Malpigian tubules  
  ·      Ovipositor  
  ·      Thorax  
  ·      Metathorax  
  ·      Coxa  
  ·      Spiracles  
  ·      Air sacs  
  ·      Gills  
  ·      Mantle  
  ·      Shell  
  ·      Antennae  
  ·      Jointed appendages  
  ·      Pupa  
  ·      Nymph  
  ·      Visceral mass
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