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Bio 11 (2016-17) Moluska and Arthropoda

Biology 11 (16-17) Lesson Molusa and Arthropoda      June 7 2017



Last lessons


1)   Worm test





Today’s Objectives 1)   Motivation 6-6-44

2)   Observation and study guide

3)   Feed the good wolf. Be thankful for the sheep dog.



Number One

Dear Disney Class

It has been said that it is impossible to motivate you yet I have faith in you.

Besides, impossible is just…I’m possible.

Remember, argue your limitations and they will become yours.

In case you are wondering..I honestly do care about you, all of you.


In stressful situations (6-6-44)


“Lastly, ”Hang tough!” Never, ever give up regardless of the adversity. If you are a leader, a fellow who other fellows look to, you have to keep going.”


“True satisfaction comes from getting the job done…Ribbons, medals, and accolades, then, are poor substitutes to the ability to look yourself in the mirror every night and know that you did your best.”
― Dick WintersBeyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters



How to get motivated





Motivational quotes



Study tricks for biology




Number Two


Exploring Molusca, Arthropoda and Echinoderms

(See study guide notes)


Number Three

“A mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open”


Outline for Quote about life Essay.


Find a quote about life, that is not posted on the front of the room.


·      Write an informative and yet fun comparison of the quote to the six activities of life or the big ideas.

·      Try to link how we think about life as in the quote and how that is shown with activities of life or big ideas.

·      I will not be grading on grammar nor linguistic skills.

·      Paragraph one: Intro

·      Paragraph two to four: compare your quote to activity of life or big idea.

·      Paragraph six: Conclusion


Your quote should be attached to a coloured piece of paper just like the others in the class room.


As Nike says..”Just do it”


Text book Ref


Chapter on Molusca and Arthropods  
Online What makes me happy.



What about talent?



Grad speech and marks



Wisdom by Steve Jobs




Take Home Message Sheepdogs



Feed the good wolf



“ I have faith in you because I have been in your shoes. I have walked the path that few follow. So I bark from behind and then attempt to lead from the front. The choice to move is up to you.”


Stay strong, keep going




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