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Bio 12 (2016-17) L 50 Synapses

Biology 12 (16-17) L 50                                                     Date: May 10


Last lessons Objective  

1.   Review Neuron structures

2.   Action Potential

3.   Action Potential Sheets




Today’s Objective 1.   Review Axon Potential

2.   Synapses

3.   Neurotransmitters


Topic One Translating what is happening in the axon to a graph of action potential

Practice Quiz


An amazing demonstration including smells, sounds and Mr. C using his cell phone to call a higher power.

Don’t forget

Salty Ba Na Na..

Sodium in and Potasium out,

that’s what the Action potential wave is all about.



In class assignment

Synaptic Transmission

Two extra questions

·      Why do neurons need sugar?

·      Why does milk or calcium magnesium tablets help you relax?




How to enhance or block synapse

Written information


Crash Course : Neurons



A good set of 8 videos



AP Psych



Text Ref  



You tube And now a song from students at Stanford





Class Notes Seven steps of synapses.

Note: everyone forgets step 7!


Take Home msg Why does Mr. Brion hand out sugar in math class?
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