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Bio 12 (16-17) L 48 Neurons

Biology 12 (16-17) L 45                                                     Date: May 4 th


Last lessons Objective 1.   Practice Renal quiz

2.   Intro to Nervous System



Today’s Objective 1.   Renal Quiz

2.   Neuron types

3.   Structure and function of cell parts

4.   Intro to action potential


Topic One Great work!  


It is a neuron and not a nerve!

Intro video



Tricks: There are five distinct cell structures that allow you to classify three neuron types.

Key questions:

Were is the cell body?

Which is longer, axon or dendrites?

Which cell types have myelin


2 minute lesson





How does a neuron transfer a message in the axon

So how does the movement of sodium and potassium make a “wave”


An electron signal


We focusing on the nature of an electrical signal.


This is a good animation.

So which way does the wave travel?

How is energy linked to neuron activity?

Why does the cell need to repolarize?

Can you find a BC provincial Question to see if you get this topic?



Text Ref  

Mader “Inquiry to life”


You tube  


Class Notes Types of neurons.

Action potential


Take Home msg



Neurons need sugar…why?


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