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History of world and pathology assignment

Biology 11 : History of Pathology Time line

There is something known as the “butterfly affect”, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_effect

The premise is that one small change can have a large affect. In Biology, a simple observation can sometimes lead to a discovery that save millions of lives. How could how one event affects another? How is it that rapid changes in on pursuit of knowledge can be linked to world history.

Using the following table you are to compare World History to the history of medicine and pathology.

  • In History of Pathology and Medicine you should included :
  • You should seek out the history, pathology and epidemics linked to HIV virus and Spanish Flu, E. Coli and Staphylcoccus, and Malaria and Trypanosoma.
  • You should also include new discoveries for curing disease, and the names of those who brought forth the discovery. ( examples: Morgani, Jenner, Pasteur, Walter Reed, Dr. Don Francis, Dr. Robert Gallo, Francoise Barre-Snoussi)

In world events, you should keep track of:

  • majour wars on the planet, changes in transportation and trades, periods of renaissance, revolutions (social and industrial), changes in human transportation and changes in world economy ( examples: world disasters such as Potato famine, Panama Canal, World Wars 1 and 2, and the Industrial revolution.

You are to use: Online resources (please cite your bibliography), including “Wikipedia” and

World History Date History of Pathology and Medicine


Comparative Questions

  1. How is the changes of movement of people linked to how diseases moved?
  2. Was the Spanish flu really from Spain?
  3. What 10 year period of time showed the greatest change both in world history and pathology?
  4. Hypothesize why this may have occurred.
  5. What three world events had the greatest affect upon pathology and medicine?
  6. What five events in the history of pathology may have had the greatest affect upon humanity?
  7. What new historical facts have changed previous ideas about any of the mentioned diseases?
  8. What world events may have limited research into a particular disease?
  9. What world events may have accelerated epidemics of a disease?
  10. What world events may have accelerate research into a disease?
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