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Bio 12 (16-17) Lesson 33 Jan 20

Bio 12 (16-17) 33                                         Date Jan 20th,2017



Last lessons Objective




The small intestines lab

Absorption in the small intenstines

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Role of large intestines

2.   The “scoop on poop”

3.   Intro to digestive hormonal regulation



Number One

Key Points about the large intestines

a)   storage role, like stomach

b)   absorption of electrolytes, (sodium and potassium) and water

c)    large volume of probiotic bacteria that can help with vitamin K absorption

d)   Sensitive to stress

e)   Releases bicarbonate to change ph

f)     Produce specific antibodies

g)   Create a variety of forms of feces


Interactive notes




Video with review and quiz



Function and defecation




Number Two

The “scoop on poop”

Believe it or not, the most common question asked of patients in a hospital is “how is your bowel movements”. Creating feces is a majour clue as to homeostasis in the body.

So some clues

1)   There is no normal

2)   Check for colouration

3)   Size and shape do matter

4)   Frequency may vary

5)   Odor can change

6)   Issues with water (constipation and diahrea)

7)   Colour can be clue to fat, blood or degree of healthy GI tract

8)   When in doubt think..Hydration and fiber


·      http://www.innerbody.com/anatomy/digestive/large-intestine

·      https://health.clevelandclinic.org/2015/10/the-scoop-on-poop-5-facts-you-should-know/

·      http://badgut.org/information-centre/a-z-digestive-topics/the-scoop-on-poop/


Poop and your puppy!


Turd Trivia



Number Three

Now we examine how the digestive system is regulated.


A) Hormonal regulation of Digestive sytem

Regulating the flow at the stomach

·      Hormones can control a feedback loop (positive or negative.

·      If the stomach is the dam where food first is stopped then it makes sense that hormonal regulation starts with the stomach.

·      So lets consider how a dam works.




Intro video



Deep water understanding








Notes from Stanford Med school!



Tricks with hormone regulation

1)   remember hormones in pairs, those that turn response on and those that shut it off.

2)   Name of hormones may include the tissue it is from (gastro for gut and gastrin)

3)   Remember magic numbers (5)


Questions to answer

1)   Which hormone is linked to which organ?

2)   How are hormones associated with type of food and or diet?

3)   Where do the hormones actions come into play?

Key Hormones

·      Gastrin

·      GIP

·      Secretin

·      CCK

·      Motilin


Piecing it together

·      Which hormone is linked to which organ source?

·      Which hormone is linked to specific nutrient in chime?

·      How could changing diet alter the types of hormones being secreted?

Text book Reference


You tube Reference Bio 12 quizlet (102 terms)


(121 terms)


(58 terms ..used this one in class)


(48 terms)




Take Home Message Get to know your poop. It is a great indicator of happy homeostatic endeavours.
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