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Bio 11 (16-17) L 31 Jan 17

Bio 11(16-17) L 31                                       Date Jan 17, 2017



Last lessons Objective



Inoculating plates for bacteria


Today’s Objectives  

1.   Bacteria vocab

2.   The “scoop on poop”

3.   Protist review questions and pesky protist



Number One


Step one

Complete table on vocab review sheet.

Check all definitions to see that they match.

Create a cue card with 30 words written in pencil


Step two

Using your cue card, match words with definitions.



Number Two

On page 223, the text states that sewage is a new frontier for research and bacteria. Please read the text to explore the initial problem the research is attempting to solve.


Find the following link




a)   What is the primary problem(s) with sewage?

b)   Using journalistic skills, find who, what, where, when,how and why information in this article.


Research back story.

From the same resource, find two previous articles that provide more information regarding step b above.


On one piece of paper, single side, provide outline of

a)   The problem of sewage

b)   Research linked to how to solve the problem

c)    Solutions that should be pursued and why.

d)   A catching slogan to draw attention to the problem.

This piece of paper should be in the format of a piece of paper that some would post on a bulletin board.



Number Three


On the second sheet handed out in class, see specific review sheet for Protist quiz


See sign up of Pesky Protist Project

Entamoeba hystolytica
 Giardia lamblia
 Leishmania donovani
 Balantidium coli
 Trichomonas
 Pneumocystis carinii
 Plasmodium
 Trypanosoma cruzi
 Trypanosoma brucei
 Toxoplasmosis gondii
Text book Reference


Chapter Eight: Bacteria

True Bacteria Notes on Blog

You tube Reference  



Take Home Message Evaluations next week (2) on Wed and Friday. Content will be review of virus, immune system and monera. One index card word bank allowed.
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