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Bio 11(16-17) L31 Jan 5,2017

Bio 11(16-17) L 31                                       Date Jan 5, 2017



Last lessons Objective



Gram staining Yogurt lab

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Mapping Metabolism

2.   Bacteria Reproduction

3.   Experimental design



Number One

Metabolism is the sum of all chemical reactions in a living thing.

Chemical reactions can:

·      Make things or synthesis or anabolic

·      Break things or decomposition or catabolic

·      Convert acids and bases into water and salt

·      Make energy to store

·      Convert on for of energy into another

·      Make heat

·      Release heat


Day in the life of a bacteria

·      You need to make or get energy

·      You need to digest large molecules into smaller ones

·      You need to absorb nutrients and get ride of waste.

·      You need to make genetic material for cell division

·      You need to construct cell membranes and sometimes cell walls


In class mapping of key activities of life and monera terminology


·      Sources of energy : Auto and Heterotroph

·      Means to get energy: Flagella and cilia, saprophytic, parasitic, symbiotic.

·      What happens to the energy

·      Anaerobic and aerobic respiration

·      The topic of waste: endo and exotoxin

·      Cell Division: Binary fission and Conjugation

·      Locomotion and Response to stimuli


Cartoon assignment

Using your metabolism map made in class, create a comic strip entitled “ a day in the life of a bacteria”


Bacteria Cartoons




Life and bacteria





Number Two

Comparing Asexual and sexual reproduction in bacteria

Asexual makes an exact copy: Binnary Fission

Sexual allows for change in genetic information: Conjugation


Consider the following

1.   Which process allows quick growth?

2.   Which process allows bacteria to adapt to quick change in environment?

3.   Which process could produce resistance to antibiotics?

4.   Which process creates diversity?







Bacterial growth time



Asexual reproduction



Bacteria conjugation







Number Three

Experimenting with Bacteria


Examples of experiments with bacteria

·      http://www.hometrainingtools.com/a/gram-stain-antibiotics-project

·      https://www.sciencecompany.com/Bacteria-Growing-Experiments-in-Petri-Plates.aspx

·      http://www.hometrainingtools.com/a/bacteria-experiment-project

·      http://study.com/academy/lesson/growing-bacteria-in-a-lab-experiments-conditions.html


Microbes in your house



Our preliminary quest is to come up with a working hypothesis to explore gram positive and negative bacteria.


Text book Reference


Chapter Eight: Bacteria

True Bacteria Notes on Blog

You tube Reference Life of a bacteria in the gut



Microbes and human life



Evolutionary history of life






Take Home Message ·      Germs is just a general term for a misunderstood living thing!


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