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Bio 11 (16-17) Lesson 30 Jan 3

Biology 11 (16-17) Lesson 30                                         Date Jan 3 2017



Last lessons


1)    Gram Staining Yogurt



Today’s Objectives 1)    Bacteria Vocab and how to study for quiz

2)    Immune system Analogy project

3)    Designing a bacteria lab



Number One

Rule number one for remembering vocab..do not just memorize. Instead, practice linking one term with another.


Plan A

For example

Metabolism is the sum of all chemical reactions within a living thing.

Respiration is converting sugar with oxygen into energy.

This is an aerobic (needs oxygen) process

Respiration without oxygen is anaerobic

A process of using anaerobic to make alcohol is fermentation


Plan B

Make a concept map. (See example in class on the board)


Plan C

Practice by using quizlet

·      https://quizlet.com/116122883/biology-11-monera-flash-cards/

·      https://quizlet.com/4321370/biology-11-kingdom-monera-flash-cards/

·      https://quizlet.com/109420506/biology-11-bacteriavirus-immunity-flash-cards/




Number Two

Linking ideas using an Analogy

(linking structures with similarity in function)


Sample vocab for immune system at quizlet


Please sign up with your analogous choice in class.

Please read handout with specific instructions



Number Three

Experimental Design with Bacteria


Putting vocab into action


How bacteria from the bottom of the ocean may solve glo

Sample Labs



·      http://www.scienceteacherprogram.org/biology/Jfox08.html

·      http://www.slideshare.net/ismscience/experimental-design-and-the-bacteria-lab

·      https://www.sciencecompany.com/Bacteria-Growing-Experiments-in-Petri-Plates.aspx


Text book Ref


Immune system




Take Home Message “There is more than one way to skin a cat”. Sometime you need to look at words as a challenge that can be solved using a variety of activities.
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