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Bio 12 (16-17) 29 Dec 14th

Bio 12 (16-17) 29                                         Date Dec 14th



Last lessons Objective




Introduction to enzymes

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Inquiry based enzyme lab

2.   Lab outline

3.   Due Friday



Number One

In the last class we tested to find out how to use as spectrometer to select the actions of an enzyme. In this lab you will need to propose and carry out a test involving enzymes



Number Two

When writing up your lab, you need to do the following

Make sure to type up! Not hand written.

Title: What were you testing or examinining



State the purpose of your lab and provide a hypothesis and reason for the hypothesis. Cite a reference to show previous information about enzymes and the enzyme amylase.



Be very specific with this section, make sure to give precise measurement. Make sure to everything you used


Procedure (in point form)

Starting from the beginning, make sure to outline everything you did.

You may use this section to examine why experimental error occurred.

Imagine that if you picked up your lab, you would know exactly each step of the lab.

Assume nothing.



In this section record both qualitative and quantitative values.



Make a graph of your data. Include a title, x and y coordinates and use either a line or bar graph.


Discussion and Summary

To include:

·      Properties of the graph such as slope or if the graph is exponential and why

·      Discuss how your data and graph shows current understanding about enzymes and enzyme action.

·      You can even find a reference to compare your results with results found in your reference.

·      Discussion of possible experimental error.



To include:

·      Hypothesis of lab verses results

·      Experimental error

·      Next variable to check



Number Three

Online References


Enzyme Lab



Amylase Lab



Amylase lab



Distinct questions to answer in your discussion

·      What is the difference between using Iodine verses Benedicts solution?

·      Which enzyme would be subject to denaturing and why?


Text book Reference


Chapter 6  
You tube Reference Protein Denaturing Lab



Indicating sugar with iodine







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