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Bio 11 Evolution of the Blank Project

Biology Eleven

Evolution Project: Evolution of the _________.


The purpose of this activity is to find an item within your life that you can examine and explore ideas related to the concept of evolution. For example; how has a particular toy changed since you were a child? How has the fashion of shoes changed? What about the evolution of “Barbie” or GI Joe? Has there been a change in sporting items such as: skis, snowboards; baseball gloves and golf clubs?


  • Part One: Selecting an item ( 4 marks)

Select an item within your life that you have been interested in since your were a child. This item can be a type of toy, a sporting item, an article of clothing or another category that you wish to present. Once you have selected an item, please consult with me and sign up to insure no duplication of projects.


What are you looking for?

  1. In reference to your item, find and provide evidence of a minimum of four stages of structural alterations that have occurred.
  2. Show these stages with a diagram, drawing or rich written description.


  • Part Two: Describing your item ( 8 marks)
  1. By observing and describing qualitative and quantitative observations of your item, describe how the features of your item have changed with time.
  2. Using the biological vocabulary listed in your vocabulary sheet, describe changes of your items in biological terminology.
  3. Cite evidence of items that may have been ancestors to your item.
  4. Make a family tree of your item
  5. On your family tree show possible convergence and divergence, and any other patterns of inheritance.




Part Three: Mechanisms of change and your item                           total:   (8 marks)

Describe mechanisms that caused the change

  1. Using Lamarack’s and Darwin’s ideas to explain why or how your item changed with time                   (4 marks).
  2. Use your family tree to describe and label possible mechanisms of change.

(2 marks)

  1. Compare two other non-biological mechanisms or causes for changes of your items, (For example: Consumerism, Media and advertising, Fads and economics). ( 2 marks)


Presentations of assignment:

  1. Answer and show graphic and written information to satisfy the project criteria on a poster board. You should be able to put on information on one side of the poster board. Marks will be deducted for unorganized work and hand written work.


  • Complete prior to consultation:
You first item choice second choice
Stages of development Stages of development
1. 1.
2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.
Possible ancestor Possible ancestor
Confirmation of consultation Confirmation of consultation


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