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Bio 11 (16-17) Lesson 15 Oct 27

Biology 11 (16-17) Lesson 15                                         Date Oct 27th 2016



Last lessons


1)    Collaborative Treasure Hunt

2)    Wikipedia “aha” reading response

3)    Next class quiz


Today’s Objectives 1)    Quiz on Chapter 3

2)    Defining Population Evolution

3)    Hardy Weinberg formula



Number One

After the quiz

Defining Population Evolution



How many definitions about evolution talk about genes?

What exactly is a “gene”


Looking at the above link, record key terms and try to create an example of each.


How do you suppose these “terms” link to key points?


How do these terms link to previous case studies in the class?



a)   Definitions from board, text and link

b)   Text Question pg 182


Mendel and Darwin





Number Two

Reading assignment>

The Hardy Weinberg Formula



What must occur for evolution not to occur?

Linking ideas like allele

Plan A: Going from Population Phenotypes to Genotype

Plan B: Going from Genotype to Phenotype

Key tricks to solving questions


1)    In a population and looking at phenotype, always use the number of organisms that do not show the trait. Example, if 80 of 110 plants show dominate trait, calculate the allele frequency. So 110 minus 80 are purebred recessive or “aa”.


2)    When you are given the dominant allele frequency, calculate the recessive allele frequency first. Example the dominant allele frequency is .65. If the whole population is 1 and you subtract .65 from 1, the recessive allele frequency is .35 for the population.



Number Three

Practice work on HW (Next class)







Text book Ref


Chapter Three

Chapter 6



Take Home Message Don’t adopt a cat if you want a dog.
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