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Biology 11 (16-17) Lesson 14 Oct 25

Biology 11 (16-17) Lesson 14                                         Date Oct 25th 2016



Last lessons


1)    story of Evolution Timeline

2)    Darwin verse Lamarck

3)    Problems with Linneaus, Taxonomy and DNA


Today’s Objectives 1)    Collaborative Treasure Hunt

2)    Wikipedia “aha” reading response

3)    Next class quiz



Number One

In class group evaluation

The following evaluation was found in an archeological dig as Vancouver Dump. Your mission is to create an answer key for questions. You will be given open book resources, no online information and one feedback response




Number Two

You are to go to the following web address and read the article.




Find 5 “Aha” observations.


For example,

“did you know Darwin married his second cousin and was worried that imbreeding may have caused the death of his children. He never read mendel though..


So read the article


a)   Two aha’s about Darwins personal life and explain why you found these fact interesting

b)   Two aha s that explained more details found in text and notes and explain how these facts helped explain material deeper

c)   One aha within the wiki that made you want to go to a second link within the bio. Explain why



Number Three

Next class

Check evaluation answers

Quiz on Chapter 3

Introduction to Chapter 6 and work on structure and function of DNA


Text book Ref


Chapter Three

Chapter 6

Online Misconceptions about evolution http://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/misconceptions_teacherfaq.php



Take Home Message Darwin was fond of potatoes…why?
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