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Bio 11 (16-17) Lesson 12 Oct 18th 2016

Biology 11 (16-17) Lesson 12                                         Date Oct 18th 2016



Last lessons


1)    Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

2)    Performance, feedback and revision

3)    From Aristotle to Now


Today’s Objectives 1)    History of Evolution Timeline

2)    Darwin verse Lamarck

3)    Problems with Linneaus, Taxonomy and DNA



Number One

History of theory of Evolution begins with two issues

a)   theory of “fixity of species” needed to be refuted.

b)   animals classified not by evolution nor DNA


·      Classification of living things: Linnaeus

·      role of fossils: Cuvier

·      Buffon challenges fixity of species

·      Hutton introduces change with time regarding geology

·      Malthus: struggle for existence

·      Lamarck: Acquired characteristics and use and disuse

·      Darwin

·      Mendel

·      Role of DNA and Heredity

·      Role of DNA and evolution


History of Evolutionary Thought




Number Two

Darwin verses Lamarck

Evidence and theory for a mechanism of change



·      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_evolutionary_thought

·      http://www.iep.utm.edu/evolutio/

·      http://sciencenetlinks.com/student-teacher-sheets/lamarck-and-darwin-summary-theories/

·      http://www.majordifferences.com/2013/05/difference-between-darwinism-and.html#.WAaJSHfMz_Q



Key concepts

·      Traits acquired verses being selected

·      Organism adapts verse environment is favouring those who adapt.

·      Use and disuse verse struggle for existence

·      Key issue

·      Neither new about the source but did propose a mechanism for change.

Practice quiz

·      http://anthro.palomar.edu/practice/evoquiz2.htm

·      http://highered.mheducation.com/sites/0073212040/student_view0/chapter17/multiple_choice_quiz.html

·      http://zunal.com/introduction.php?w=54845




Number Three

Why the confusion with Taxonomy and Evolution

a)   Taxonomy came first and did not consider DNA

b)   Evolutionary theories did not know about DNA

c)   Gradual and Punctuated Equilibrium


Three paths of Inquiry

a)   How are living things classified (chapter 7)

b)   What is the mechanism for change (chapter 3)

c)   What is the role of DNA in Evolution (Chapter 6)



Text book Ref


Chapter Three

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Online Molecular Phylogenetics


Hardy and Weinberg (chapter 6)



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