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Bio 11 Chapter 6 Gap Notes

Biology 11

Mr. MBK Carmichael

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Chapter 6 – Genetic Basis of Evolution

Read pages 174-176, 181-182, and 187-190

Use the text, sidebars, and illustrations to answer the questions below:


What is the main source of genetic variation among individuals in a population?


What is a gene pool?





What are the 3 factors that bring about evolutionary change?


What is mutation?




Describe the two types of mutations?





What is genetic drift?






What are alleles? (use the definition from the glossary, then give an example)



Explain what you think it means for “allele frequencies in a population to change.” Give an example




What is migration (gene flow)?





What is speciation?


What is a species?



What are the two ways in which a new species may arise? Describe each one.





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