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Biology 11 lesson Sept 23rd

Biology 11 Lesson Outline 5                                            Date Sept 23th 2016



Last lessons Objective



1.    GSD



Today’s Objectives 1.    The world of evaluations

2.    Introduction to chapter two



Number One

So lesson number one…

when doing notes from the book, look at the questions the text is asking.

Lesson two:

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.


Lesson three:

Learn from your mistakes


Number Two

Make sure to read notes online about chapter two.

Remember “GSD”




Number Three

Notes for chapter two (see at blog)

Observations about how things change with time

Direct and Indirect proof





Text book Reference


Chapter Two




Online and You tube Reference Fossils












Take Home Message Most things of worth do not come to you easily.

“Life is like a treasure hunt” JBuffet

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