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Bio 12 Lesson Sept 22 2016

Biology 12 Lesson Outline                                        Date: Sept 22 2016


Last lessons Objective



1.     Structure of amino acids

2.     Levels of protein structure

3.     Functions of proteins

Today’s Objective a)    Nucleic acids

b)   Nucleotide

c)    DNA and RNA



Number One

Nitrogen bases

Key points

·      How many nitrogen bases?

·      Where are these bases found?

·      What is the difference between a purine and a pyridine?

·      A: T and G:C, what is the connection regarding number of rings and hydrogen bonds?

·      How is structure of a nitrogen base suited for it’s functions?







Number Two


Key points

Sugar, Phosphate and a Nitrogen base

Nucleotide as a molecule of energy.

Nucleotide as a building block






Number Three

Roles of ATP, DNA and RNA

Structure and function

a)    Energy

b)   Archival Molecule

c)    Protein Synthesis


Building Molecules




Text Reference  


You tube Reference Bozeman on ATP





Class Notes References  

Chapter 2


Take Home message



Energy only works if you have a way to apply it. Evaluation Next Class
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