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Quiz One




Scientific Method


  • How did theories such as “abiogenesis” change or get challenged?
  • What is the purpose of having a specific scientific method?
  • How does a theory begin?
  • Is a hypothesis just a guess or a testable idea?
  • Is a theory a fact?
  • What is an observation that you measure?
  • What is an observation that you could give a subjective description like green?

Basic Microscope

  • How do you calculate drawing size?
  • How do you calculate actual size?
  • What three things occur when when you increase magnification?
  • What is field of view?


You are designing a lab

  • What is a formal hypothesis?
  • What is a dependent and independent variable?
  • What is the amount of sample that you should have?
  • What is a control and why do we need to consider it?
  • What is the difference between data and results?


Types of Biological studies linked to big ideas.


Big Ideas


Structure and function                Study of        morphology, biochemistry


Changes with time                                               evolution


Continuity                                                                genetics


Interactions                                                                        ecology


Homeostasis                                                                       physiology


Unity and Diversity                                                            taxonomy, genetics



What defines what is alive or not?


What are the six types of activities of life?

Can you provide an example?

Which activity could include all the other activities



Levels of organization


Lets start with really small things ( microscopic)

Starting from simple to complex

Cell                (a simple cell either prokaryotic or eukaryotic)

Tissue             (a group of cells working together)

Organ            (a collection of tissues to achieve a process such as digestion)

System          (a group of organs working together to keep homeostasis within an organism)



Now bigger things that we can observe (macroscopic)

Population   (a group of all the same species)

Community  (a group with two or more species)

Ecosystem   (a combination of organisms with non living factors like an aquarium)

Biome: A combination of ecosystems within a larger portion of the earth based both on climate and geography.



Chemicals of life


There are many elements yet what is the significance of



We all need water and we all respire carbon dioxide, yet they are both inorganic, why?



So here is a question..


How do you suppose our own ideas or beliefs could affect making a formal hypothesis?


For example..


If a tiger charges into a classroom then what could occur?


What beliefs could affect how the hypothesis ends?





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