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Bio 12 Lesson One Sept 2016

Biology 12 Lesson Outline                             Date: Sept 8th 2016


Last lessons Objective Class Notes or Information


1.   Summer time life styles verses grade 12




Today’s Objective 1.   Getting “squared away

2.   intro to class

3.   Chapter Two Chemistry



Number One

Welcome to Biology 12


·      What is squared away?

·      Redefining “gunner”

·      Our mission is “G.S.D.”

·      What is a “concept”




Number Two

Chapter 2 Basic Chemistry

·      How “concepts” are linked together?

·      Worksheet of Sc 10 Chemistry

·      Matter makes energy.

·      Matter is held together by electron glue

·      You are a combination of molecules and cells that have not clue what “you” is.

·      What is a chemical bond? (4)



Number Three

Inorganic and organic Chemistry

Introduction to water

How many properties of water are there?


Properties of water





Text Reference Chapter Two

Molecules of life


You tube Reference Unseeable Biology



Class Notes References Worksheet for Science 10

Class Notes



Take Home message



“circumstance does not make the (hu)man, it reveals them”


Tough times don’t last, tough people do



Evaluation Next Class
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