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Bio 11 June 14th Lesson

Biology 11 Lesson Outline                    Date June 14 th



Last lessons Objective



Mammals and Birds

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Animal Quiz 2

2.   Endangered Species Assignment

3.   Life Quote Assignment



Number One


I will mark the quiz today and you can check with me in tutorial time



Number Two

Selling an Endanger Species Assignment.


At the last minute, a wealth source tells you that they want to fund an endangered species.


Your mission is to select a species, find a linked campaign, and explain why the funds should go to you and other campaigns linked to your endangered species!


This is an urgent matter.

There is no time for tons of data or research, so stick to the basics.

·      Select a species

·      Find a linked campaign to that species.

·      Find evidence from that campaign or from online research that the species is worthy of protecting.

·      Using you background in biology, consider the following:

a.   Why has your species become endangered?

b.   Can you to big ideas like interaction or Changes with time?

c.    Why is your species the most viable to save?

d.   Are some of your solutions considering a variety of practical and or affordable strategies, such as saving habitat or breeding?


Your written section should take no more that 5 minutes to present.

You can use powerpoint or a written document. It should include picture(s) of the species, the species habitat, basic biology about the species and how it became endangered.


The second step

You should make your own poster on a legal size piece of paper to show the species, a focus statement, a slogan and other campaigns that are also on board.


Do not make a copy of another campaign. You need to have an original name for your campaign. You can use one or several photos. Please cite the source of the photo.



Next year, PG will select at least one candidate from your class.

Basic take home point..Keep it simple and to the point.






Number Three


The cartoonist Charles Schulz once said ““In the Book of Life, The answers aren’t in the back.”


Your mission is to find a quote about life that is not on the wall in the classroom.


You are to make a sign for your quote.


You should find a quote that other students are not using.


You are to write a simple essay to explain how this quote about life is linked to this years study about life.


You can use two options.


·      Option A

Link you quote to four big ideas or activities in life and show how a quote about “ life” is linked to the study of life.


·      Option B

Link your quote to personal reflections about your efforts in class and what your are learned linked both to the study of biology and your own journey through grade 11 and Bio 11


In your essay you should have six paragraphs.

The first paragraph should include your quote and which option you are choosing. You should propose some form of a thesis statement or the direction which you wish to follow.


The four paragraphs should link either to an activity of life or a big idea.


The final paragraph should be a conclusion statement linking the previous four paragraphs to your quote on life.


There is no need to over think this assignment, to be honest, the purpose of this assignment is to offer to me, your teacher, another vision of what you may have learned this year. You have already been tested on the core material. Now is a chance to reflect upon how this years knowledge may be of merit further down the road.

Text book Reference


You tube Reference  

Writing and reflecting in biology



Bio essay examples






Take Home Message “the times that you impress me the most are the times when you don’t even try”

Joni Mitchell

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