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Science 10 June 3rd 2016

Science 10 Lesson Outline                            Date: June 3rd


Last lessons Objectives


Bring Money (4 dollars) for workshop!

Chapt 3 Vocab



Today’s Objective 1.   Chapt 3 MC

2.   Working on “cheat sheet” for Pretest on Tuesday

3. Purple Duotang Contents


Number One


Key Points

·      Common questions on multiple choice test are vocabulary based. Many words are not just science terms.


Number Two

1.   You will be allowed hand written legal size sheet started in class.

Sheet needs to include concept map from Unit review and cross section diagram.

2. You can use grade 10 exam booklet



Number Three

The following is a list of items for the Duotang



1.   Lab on Vinegar and Chalk

2.   Media assignment on Nuclear power


Earth Sciences

1.   7 day weather lab assignment

2.   Media assignment on plate tectonics

3.   Problem set worksheets

4.   Energy in the atmosphere and biogeoclimate map hand outs



1.   Media assignment on farming

2.   Media assignment on pollution linked to fashion

3.   Feedback on vegan story (same lesson as fashion)



Please make sure to read through the blog lessons to confirm that this list is correct.


Media assignments due on Tuesday next week


Do not take duotangs!






Video and Youtube


BC provincial exams. Note you need to read and sign off for the right to print up the exam. You cannot make multiple copies nor use for other purposes.





Other stuff! Please not that I have put a page with links to several teacher pages.
Next Class Pretest for Unit and review prior to Unit 1


Take Home Message Do not forget!!!!!

Bring 4 dollars to class for workshop




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