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Sc 10 Jun 1st 2016

Science 10 Lesson Outline                            Date: June 1, 2016th


Last lessons Objectives


3.3 Evaluations


Today’s Objective 1) Vocab Quiz for chapter 3

2) Life in the frog pond

3) Concept map and cross section of land diagram as study guide for pre test



Number One


To help with review purposes, please go to the following link.

·      https://community.yorkhouse.ca/course/view.php?id=59

·      (note that the flow chart is a download file with yorkhouse)


We will review next class some vocab and true and false questions prior to the multiple choice evaluation.

You will be able to use your workbook for the evaluation


Number Two

What is going on with the frog pond in the class room.

I will post some observations and discuss how the concepts about ecology can be applied to how our froglets are evolving.

In the “pond” we do have two invasive species (snails and duck weed). Abiotic factors such as temperature, ph and nitrates will be included in write up)


Number Three

To make a study guide we are going to start with completing the concept map found in your text on page 154.

On the opposite side of this sheet we are going to show how concepts can be applied to a cross section of both water and land. We will look at these study guides next class.




  Sustainability assignment is going to be due next Tuesday


  Video and Youtube

The following is a list of videos on ecology

·      https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8dPuuaLjXtNdTKZkV_GiIYXpV9w4WxbX

·      https://www.khanacademy.org/partner-content/crash-course1/partner-topic-crash-course-bio-ecology



  Exam Review Material

·      http://www.askmryuen.com/askmryuen2007/science10notes.htm

·      https://s-chen.wikispaces.com/Ecology

·      http://www.bcscience10.com/pgs/links_u1.html


Other stuff! Please bring four dollars for work shop!  
Next Class Multiple choice Quiz for Chapter 3  
Take Home Message Remember..in Mother natures kitchen you either adapt…or die.  


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