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Science 10 May 10th 2016

Science 10 Lesson Outline                            Date: May 10th, 2016


Last lessons Objectives


Chapter 2.1 Evaluations


Today’s Objective ·      Chapter 1 vocab

·      Chapter 2.2 Nutrient Cycles

·      Study Guide for Nutrients


Number One

Feedback on Vocab quiz

Number Two

Nutrient Cycle Powerpoints

In class



Other References




Number Three

Side One of study Guide

Make Three Columns on your sheet

In each column make a circle and divide that circle into three pie slices. Each slice should represent air, earth and water.


Each circle should represent a nutrient cycle. Carbon,Nitrogen and Potasium.

You are to label how the nutrient moves around the circle or if it skips a wedge of your circle. You should include: processes and also formulas for processes. You should show relationship between living and non-living things. You should show where most of the nutrient is stored.


Side Two

You should construct a table to compare, Carbon,Nitrogen and Potasium


Similarity between the three nutrients

Constract and show differences between each nutrient.




Online Resources Look up on google..the origin of store high in transit






Next Class Quiz on Chapter 1 MC

Review of Chapter Two

Data collection from aquarium and terrarium resources

Take home message The cows know the truth and they are putting it out there.
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