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Science 10 May 6th

Science 10 Lesson Outline                            Date: May 6th, 2016


Last lessons Objectives


1)   Exam on Earth Sciences

2)   Work book 2.2

3)   Vocab Quiz next class

Quizlet for Chapter 1





Today’s Objective ·      Fact or Fiction Challenge

·      El Nino in a tank

·      Unit 1 Work sheet (Question 1-24)



Number One

In the news today



Your mission

What is Ms May’s point of view?

Find three sources of information that support her point of view.

·      One source should be a public citizen point of view.

·      One source should be media source like News paper,enews, Tv

·      One source should be from a scientific source.


Find three sources from an alternate point of view.

Again three sources should be public, news and scientific


After finding the information

·      Record point of view in point form

·      Review points of view

·      State your point of view based upon the evidence that you have found.


There is no right or wrong answer, just back up your point of view with objective evidence.



Number Two

El Nino



This will be the next media assignment. So if you find new articles, please let us know.


Number Three

Unit Worksheet

Please focus on questions linked to Chapter 1-2


Yes the numbers did skip from 5-12!



Online Resources Predator and Prey Videos


Population Dynamics


Aquarium researchers and El Nino


Why study ecology


Why is it important to study ecology





Next Class Quiz on vocab, chapter 1

Review of Chapter Two

Data collection from aquarium and terrarium resources

Take home message Three constants folks..

Paradox, change and humour

All things are connected.

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