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Biology 12 March 7th

Biology 12 Lesson Outline                                      Date March 7th



Last lessons Objective



Circulation and blood pressure

Today’s Objectives 1.   Fetal blood flow

2.   Contents of blood



Number One

Please refer to class notes.

Key points

What are the specific adaptions to supplying a fetus with blood?

What are the structural changes for

a)   the fetal heart

b)   the fetal venous system

c)    the fetal pulmonary system

d)   the umbilical cord


The mother is supplying the fetus with her blood.

Is the blood coming in as a venous or arterial supply?

How does blood contents get transferred via the placenta?

What does umbilical supply to the liver?



Number Two

·      What is blood?

·      Blood is both a liquid and a cellular tissue. Why?

·      What is the difference between plasma and serum?

·      Why can’t you directly transfer blood from on person to another.

·      The ratio of liquid to cells in blood is 55 to 45. How and why could this ratio change.

·      How do ions affect blood cells?

·      What happens when carbon dioxide when it is added to water? How could this affect blood proteins?

·      What are some of the roles for blood proteins?



Number Three

Next class will be dissection of fetal pig circulatory system.

Quiz on circulatory system and basic blood notes on Friday

Text book Reference


Chapter on Circulatory system

Chapter on Blood


Help making cue cards



You tube Reference  

Online References

Fetal Circulation



Fetal circulatory



Blood vessels



10 facts about blood




Take Home Message ·      Be prepared to be evaluated.

·      Good resources are BC provinicial exam questions.

·      Make cue cards for exam marks.

·      Next exam after spring break




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