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Biology 11 March 7th Lesson

Biology 11 Lesson Outline                                      Date March 7th



Last lessons Objective



Lesson 2 of Plants (Algae)

Today’s Objectives 1.   Algae review sheet

2.   Moss adaptions and movement to land

3.   Fern adaptions and movment to land



Number One

Check Green binder for answers to gap notes.


Unicellular algae and adaptions

Multicellular algae and similarity in looks but not functions of stipe, stalk, and hold fast.



Number Two

·      Are moss exciting?

·      Historical notes on human usages of moss.

·      Moss strategy for reproduction with sporophyte and gametophyte in the same structure.

·      Male and female structures and release of spores verse gametes.

·      Why are moss called pioneer species?

·      How do moss solve the problem of holding onto water?

·      Which generation is dominant in moss, sporophyte or gametophyte?

·      Is “Spanish Moss” really moss?

·      What is a unique or odd fact about moss?



Number Three

·      Ferns, why were they popular in the 80’s?

·      Fern are the first plants with vascular tissue. Why is this a unique adaptions?

·      Ferns do not have leaves, they have fronds. What is the difference between the two.

·      Fiddleheads are used for food, what is a fiddlehead?

·      Ferns are a part of a whole group called tracheophyta. What are some other examples of this group?

·      What is equiasetum and what is unique about this plant?

·      Why are ferns and moss called lower terrestrial plants?



Text book Reference


Chapter on Lower terrestrial plants  
Online and You tube Reference  

Lecture from UC Berkeley



Liverwort, moss and ferns



Moss life cycle



Fern life cycle



How to make a fern and moss terrarium





Take Home Message To move from water to land, you need to “adapt, improvise and over come” ..ask any moss or navy seal about that one!  


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