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Biology 11 Feb 12

Biology 11 Lesson Outline                                      Date Feb 12th



Last lessons Objective





* Project Due Wednesday Feb 24

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Picking a parasite.

2.   Library Research

3.   Field Trip Forms for 22nd Field Trip



Number One


Make Sure to sign up for disease.


Lists will be posted by next class.




Number Two


In your bibliography for your project make sure to include

at least four forms of reference.


·      Magazine or Journal

·      Text Reference

·      Online written reference

·      Youtube video with link in Power point


With all diagrams or pictures, please include the web address and have these references in your protest power point presentation



Number Three


Please have all the forms and cheques or money in by the beginning of next week  
Text book Reference


Both Nelson and MacMillan text have portion of information on protist disease.  
Online and You tube Reference  

Wiki Rf for Protist




Protist diseases and images



Sample Youtube clip



Death by Tsetse Fly



Chagas Disease




Take Home Message  

·      Pesky Protist Project will be listed as a lab mark. This will be a great chance to improve your mark!


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Inquiry Lab Results

Inquiry Lab Results


Vinegar and chalk react to form a gas and yellow pigment


Vinegar and chalk (whole) gives of a small amount of gas


Vinegar and chalk (ground up) produces a larger amount of gas.


Increasing the amount of time grinding up the chalk increased the amount of gas


Changing the fluid volume of vinegar to the mass amount of chalk changes the amount of gas


A large portion of vinegar and a small amount of chalk appears to produce the most amount of gas


Stirring the solution of chalk and vinegar makes more gas.


Heating up the vinegar increases the amount of gas.


Reaching the point of boiling the vinegar decrease the amount of gas.


In a balanced equation, you need twice the amount of molecules of vinegar to chalk.


There is a unique relationship between grams, a unit called a mole and atomic molecular mass.




I mole of a compound represents 6.02 x 10 to the 23 power of atoms or particles.


The atomic mass represents the number of grams /mole of a substance


Hydrogen has an atomic mass of 1 amu

Hydrogen has atom mass of 1 gram/mole

I mole of Hydrogen atom has a mass of 1 gram


Water has atomic mass of 18 amu ( 2xH + 1 Oxygen)

Water has atomic mass of 18 grams/mole

1 mole of Water equals 18 grams.


It might be useful to know the density of vinegar to calculate the grams/ml


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Science 10 Feb 5

Science 10 Lesson Outline                            Date: Feb 5


Last lessons Objectives


Reaction Rates Evaluations

Acceleration Worksheet

Today’s Objective 1 Collecting Data for Inquiry Based Lab

2 What is a wigit?

3 Vocab and balancing quiz



Number One

From the Inquiry Lab results, you need to do the following


1)   Write a hypothesis as to what ratio of reactants and what procedure will produce the most carbon dioxide when adding vinegar to chalk

2)   Look up the process of carbonation and explain what it is and how it is related to this experiment (you should use a minimum of three references)

3)   Design a lab to yield the most bubbles. ( you will be limited to a maximum amount of vinegar of 25mi and half a chalk stick

4)   Write up you lab and procedure prior to actually testing your procedure.

5)   Leave a result table and a place for a conclusion.

6)   You will need your own lab write up prior to starting the class.





Number Two

The Guinness beer company has a wee little plastic ball in every can of Guinness.

The fizzics of Guinness



Clue number one



Look on-line and find the following

What is the ball called

Who designed it

What is inside the ball?

How does it work?

How is this related to how other drinks are carbonated?

Why did Guinness select this technique to make their beer foamy?


Your research should include a minimum of three web addresses

Do not drink any Guinness Beer while researching



Number Three

Vocab Words

Chemical change       compound           conductivity

Density                     element               formula

Mixture                     physical change     property

Pure substance         reaction               qualitative property

Quantitative property solubility                 solute



Balancing equations (20) also identify type of reaction



Work book Reference  

Chapter 6

You tube Reference  

The science of carbonation



Wiki on carbonation



Why do humans like fizzy water?



Other stuff! Make sure your workbooks chapter 4-6 are complete  
Next Class Quiz time two



Take Home Message Now is the time to start preparing for the future.

See the goal high in the sky..build the stairs to get there now



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Pesky Protist Project

Your mission Biology Eleven Protist Project

As prestigious and hard working Protist researchers, you have been invited to the second annual Royal Victoria Lake Golf Tournament. The Royal Victoria golf club is located in Tanzania, by the shores of lovely Lake Victoria. Unfortunately; at the first tournament several guest became ill with a variety of symptoms. During the past year, several guest microbiologist and virologist have played the manicured greens of Royal Victoria. None of them were able to isolate a pathogenic virus or bacteria.  Your mission, as individual groups, and as a class, is to solve the problem of pesky Protists preventing proper putting!


To Begin Part One: What you need to know and do….

1.     In a group of two or three select one of the Protists in table 2

2.     Make a overhead copy of the complete life cycle of your Protist, showing changes in shape or body forms, possible paths of transmission, possible inflammation responses in hosts. Record life cycle, pathology and shapes on table 1 10 marks

·       List all possible hosts and vectors (included in life cycle)

·       Show how one of the guest could have been infected by your Protist.

( include in life cycle)

·       List type of guests that may be most “at risk” of getting your disease.

( include in life cycle

Evaluation Marking Plan 1.     ist all possible symptoms for you infection                                              5 marks

2.     List possible medical cures or treatments.                                                5 marks

3.     List possible environmental or sanitary solutions.                                    5 marks

4.     Be prepared to explain how to prevent an epidemic of your disease        5 marks

5.     List what test can be done to diagnose your disease                                5 marks

subtotal 35 marks


In a class symposium:


1. Each group will present each disease using   a power

2. Each group need to propose a possible solution for preventing future epidemics

3. Complete Table 2 subtotal 15 marks

Total project worth 50 marks

What information you need to have on presentation day:

·       list of symptoms

·       your disease table

·       group disease table (handed out in class)

·       map of Royal Victoria golf course




To be in Presentation

Some Local Knowledge:

(possible clues have been highlited)

1.     Close to the Royal Victoria course is “Uncle Bob’s Wild Kingdom Adventure Park“. Last year, on a her first world wide tour, a guest speaker from Canada, Dr. I. B. Hiker, brought a baby beaver as a live specimen. It should also be noted that previous stops on Dr. Hiker’s tour included Mexico and South America.


2.     Up stream from the golf club, The International Darwinian Society, has established a retreat for missionaries from South America.



3.     Next to nearby swamp. an amorous ex San Francisco Fourty Niner football player, Buck “Too Tall” Swenson has decided to start a cattle ranch with his only companion being a large mean cat named “Shep“.


4.     To assist the operation of the golf club, a migrant band Hootoos ( who may be distant relatives of the late great Dr. David Bruce) have set up a makeshift community.

Using the Map For your project

You will have a map and you will need to discuss possible paths or vectors


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Science 10 Feb 1

Science 10 Lesson Outline                            Date: Feb 1st


Last lessons Power Point 6.2 What Affects Rate of Reaction



Today’s Objective 1 Ten practical questions about Chapter 6



Number One

From our “presearch” we have found some new resources.


Here are a few to help with Review

From England



Our power point source from York House



Chapter four and five Resources



Acid and Base Reactions



Acid and Base and PH



Writing Word Equations





New Resources

A big thank you to Ms Veenstra






Number Two


Vocab and Mind map assignment

Looking at your text create a vocab list from Chapters 4,5,6


On Friday we will use this list to create a mind map of the chemistry unit


Number Three

Putting it together


A project proposal : Can you trace the path of an atom that becomes a molecule?




Can you discuss reactions that have influenced   humans or nature history?


Perhaps we can discuss “kitchen science”




Practice Provincial Exam Question





Work book Reference  


You tube Reference Chapter 4 Tutorial



Unit Test Review



Practice with Equations



Know what you know




Other stuff!
Next Class Counselling and planing for next year
Take Home Message  


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