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Bio 11 Aquarium Field Trip

Biology 11 Lesson Outline           Date Feb 22 th



Last lessons Objective



Protist and..Challenge

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Vancouver Aquarium Field Trip

2.   List of those who are missing forms

3.   Next class is Pesky Protist Project

4.   Online feedback about previous work



Number One


How to get to the aquarium



Where to meet at aquarium



When to meet?

9:00 am Attendance will be taken at entry gate or under canopies.



Number Two

The following students will be marked absent and PG Staff will be informed if you do not check in at aquarium. Since there is a group rate, you will still need to pay 25 dollar fee.


Block 2-1

Thomas H, Shona H, Daniela NC, Nathanial N, Amore S, Steven Shi, Rachel W


Block 2-2

Ian C, Yuxi D, Erica L, Lucy L, Sandra L, Drew N, Tory T




Number Three

Please take the time to test computer and have work on a stick. Be organized and efficient.
Text book Reference


Chapters on Plants, Animals and Fungi
Online and You tube Reference  




Take Home Message This is a great opportunity to explore a form of education that some can only dream about.


For those who decide to miss class, you will be responsible for funds and a thorough explianation of your choice to skip field trip.


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