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Science 10 Feb 17th

Science 10 Lesson Outline                            Date: Feb 17th


Last lessons Chapter 4 Test ( Three block average 69%)

7.1 in Workbook



Today’s Objective 1 Chapter 5 Test

2. Power point for chapter 7



Number One

Test Feedback

Review section on organic compounds.

Remember graph for acids and base.

Salt, NaCl is not an acid or an organic compound.

Carbon and Hydrogen make organic compounds.

Class average 65%



Number Two


Power Point on Chapter 7





Number Three

Do cell phones cause cancer?( Next weeks media question)


Find three references about cell phone radiation and cancer


Start here:



What is the evidence to prove phones give off enough radiation to cause cancer?


Can you find..

Three you tube references

One popular media reference

One scientific online reference


Find out from your reading

Clinical proof

What type of radiation is involved

What is the affect or action of waves on human cells?



Work book Reference 7.1 and 7.2


You tube Reference Bozeman Radioactive decay




Radioactive decay




Other stuff!    
Next Class Chapter Nine Test next class  
Take Home Message Consider an atom like a boat..if there is too much mass..it sinks. If there are 20 people on the boat and 2 leave the boat, it is like losing alpha decay. The wave made by the boat is gamma radiation. So what is beta decay?  


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