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Bio 11 Bio Intel Mission One

Biology 11 “Bio Intel Mission One”


Your Mission  

For the last five months you have been introduced to the science of biology. You have studied how to look at living things by using microscopes, petri dishes, dichotomous keys and linking those observations to some key ideas in biology such as evolution and taxonomy.


Now you are being given the mission to gather intel on a specific group of living things.


To keep things organized, you, as a class with organize your data in comparison to the group of organisms known as Protist. You will be divided into three intel gathering groups ( plants, animals and fungi)


Part One  

Each group member is responsible for having a legal size piece of paper with six activities of life and six big ideas .


Each group should have at least 6 team members


Each group needs to organize 15- 20 minutes of information to include:


An introductory written reference to explain and show how you are going to compare your group to protist:


You presentation should include:

A power point organizer

·      To show pictures of the diversity of your group

·      A media reference to your group of organisms

·      Discuss 6 activities of life

·      Discuss 6 big ideas

A simple 12 question Quiz on your information

A reference to a dichotomous key.

A simple classification activity (can be within power point)


The purpose of intel session

·      Can you show similarities and differences between your groups actitivies of life to protist?

·      Can you show similarities and differences between how your group is linked to the six big ideas and protist.

·      Can you get us..the class..into your “world” using protist as a common reference point.


Phase one

Intel update

Each group to provide simple intel session including the criteria from above.


No longer than 20 minutes, no less than 15 minutes.


Please keep all information brief and to the point.


Each group be required to to have a simple 12 question evaluation for the other two groups to take.


It will be the groups responsibility to mark this evaluation.


Phase two

Pathfinder mission

For future classes, your group will be used as specialist to assist in inquiry based learning challenges.
Phase Three

Joint mission

For future classes, your groups will combine to explore ecological problem based challenges.
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