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Science 10 Feb 15th

Science 10 Lesson Outline                            Date: Feb 15th


Last lessons Objectives


Quiz (3) Evaluations

Acceleration Worksheet

Today’s Objective 1 Quiz feed back and Chapter 4 Test (25MC)

2 Intro to Chapter 7

3 Thursday class will be Chapter 5/6 Test (50 MCQuestions)



Number One


Chapter Four Test! Not a quam..a test



Number Two

Isotopes and atoms (7.1)

Work book assignment


Number Three

Evaluation Timeline

This Week

Tues                     Chapter 4

Thursday             Chapter 5/6

Next Week

Monday              Pre Test

Wednesday           Chapter 7 Quiz

Friday                 Chemistry Exam



Work book Reference  

Chapter 4- 6 Chemistry

Chapter 7     Atoms and isotopes

You tube Reference  


Other stuff! Make sure your workbooks chapter 4-6 are complete  
Next Class    
Take Home Message “Chemistry is like cooking, just do not lick the spoon”  



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