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Pesky Protist Groups

Biology 11 Pesky Protist Groups


Protist Name Block 2 Block 1


Entamoeba histolytica Daniela, Rachel and Shona


Rilley and Brendan
Giardia lambia Erik and Kevin


Erica,Yuxi and Melody
Leishmania donovani Tracy and Angel


Heidi and Angelo
Balantidium coli Steven and Shabir


Arion and Alex
Trichomonas William and AJ


Jessica and Michelle
Pneumocystis carinii Ethan


Evan, Dylan and Drew
Plasmodium Marina and Ryan


Lucy and Sandra
Trypanososoma cruzi Laim and Thomas N


Simon and Jerrimiah
Trypanosoma brucei Ethan and Julian


William, Alexis and Ian
Toxoplasmosis gondii Justin and Thomas H Katie, Naailah, and Fatima


  Missing Missing





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