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Biology 12 Lesson for Feb 12

Biology 12 Lesson Outline                                      Date Feb 12 th



Last lessons Objective




Lesson two of Fetal Pig Dissection

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Vitamin module

2.   Online Prescription Assignment

3.   Digestion Evaluations next week



Number One

You have just been given a university course Biochemistry Module on Vitamins.

With a partner you are to do the following


a)   Complete the worksheet on Vitamins

b)   Complete the three questions found on page 153 and 154


·      You need to hand in your own sheet.

·      Make sure that short answer questions are not replicate answers.





Number Two

As a student now working hard in mid term, you are tired, not eating the correct food, feeling stressed and sick, and not getting enough sunshine.


You are to prescribe three Vitamins for your self.

One of the three should be a fat soluable vitamin.


You need to explain the following

Where will you find a source for these vitamins.

Why will these Vitamins help with symptoms?

Find a minimum of three references/vitamin to validate your choice.


Keep track of ingestion for the next two weeks.

Keep track of sleep hours and possible symptoms.


Hand in day after the Digestion Exam



Number Three

Tuesday: Digestion Quiz with your own Word Bank

(1/2 of the period)

Introduction to circulatory system



Thursday: Fetal Pig Dissection Lab

(1/2 of the period)

Lesson two: The heart



Text book Reference


Online rf

Vitamins for stress and low sleep


light and vitamin D


brain food for exams



You tube Reference  

Vitamin B



Vitamins and nutrition for nursing students



Benefits of Vitamin E



Food and Vitamins and supplements, Oh my




Take Home Message You are what you eat..

Quit being a stress puppy when you can run with the big dogs..

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