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Bio 11 Jan 7

Biology 11 Lesson Outline                                      Date Jan 7 th



Last lessons Objective



Intro to bacteria


* Make sure to do vocab sheet for pop vocab quiz

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Sterile technique, Antiseptics and disinfectants

2.   Doing a gram stain

3.   Drawing known slide of bacteria verses yogurt



Number One


The sterile technique, antiseptics and disinfectants


Here are some great resources


Antiseptic,disinfectants and sterilization



Lister and antiseptic surgery (Great Scot!)



Wound antiseptics and sterile techniques



Focus question

With each technique what is being cleaned or killed?

How did sterile technique save lives?




Number Two

How to do a gram stain and why

A “gram” stain is a means to identify if a bacteria has a cell wall or not.

We use two stain, one to stain the cell wall and the other to stain the cell membrane

Gram stains can also be used to identify pathogenic bacteria


Online Rf


Staining for gram positive and negative



Source for bacteria will be yogurt

You will make a slide, draw what you see and then research what bacteria are found in yogurt.



Number Three

Designing a bacteria experiment.

Next class we will design an experiment to test a gram positive and gram negative bacteria.


Here are some references to discuss the biology of gram positive and gram negative bacteria




Sample Lab



Text book Reference


Chapter Eight: Bacteria

True Bacteria Notes on Blog

You tube Reference UC Berkeley and link to evolution


Microbiology on line (from the UK)


Micro facts that may make you feel dirty


Bacteria and virus






Take Home Message ·      Once again, the Scots show a way to change the world with antiseptic surgery!

·      What would you spray on your cell phone to kill off bacteria? An antiseptic or a disinfectant..why?

·      Why do we put the inoculation loop through the Bunsen flame?

·      When you heat up glass..it gets hot…very hot.

·      Why do basic solutions such as windex make great killers of bacteria?



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