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Inquiry into Bacteria

Inquiry into Bacteria:


Topic One:    Myths and Monera


Prior to doing this assignment consider what comes to your mind when you hear or read the term bacteria?


Some questions you may want to consider while reading the text:

  • Where are bacteria found?
  • Are most bacteria harmful?
  • How are bacteria related to other organisms?
  • What is the difference between a prokaryote and eukaryote
  • How are the activities of life useful in examining how bacteria interact with other species?


Topic Two:    The problems of classification


Here is the first thing to consider:

  • What was the original system to classify organisms?
  • What properties or observations did this system use for classification?
  • Can these observations be used to classify microscopic organism?
  • What techniques could be used to establish observational criteria?
  • What are some limitations of classifying organism based upon structures?



Topic Three:             Metabolic Perspectives

Now we have gone molecular, so how can metabolic pathways provide a new way to classify organism?


           Consider the following


  • How do organism get or make their energy?
  • How do organisms feed themselves?
  • How is the environment related to metabolism?



Topic Four    Interactions with Humans


           Positive Interactions


  • What are the top ten positive interactions with bacteria?



           Negative Interactions


  • How is metabolism and structure related to negative interactions?
  • How are negative interactions prevented?

(from a macrobiotic to molecular perspectives)



Topic Five:    Playing with critters!


  • What is the criteria for sanitary technique?
  • How can metabolic activities be used make observations about bacteria?
  • What simple tests and ideas can we create?

Topic Six:      Creating a testable experiment!

  • You will be responsible for creating an experiment!


Refernces for all these questions can be found in:

Bacteria Notes




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