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Bio 12 Enzyme Lab Dec 14th

Biology 12 Lesson Outline                                      Date Dec 14th



Last lessons Objective




Introduction to enzymes

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Inquiry based enzyme lab

2.   Lab quiz on Thursday lunch or Friday

3.   Exam on Wednesday (DNA,RNA and Enzymes)



Number One


You are provided with three protein powders, labeled as A, B, and C.


You are told that two of the powders are enzyme diastase, amylase and the third powder is a non-enzyme protein.


In two stages, you need to design a lab to decide which is the non-enzyme and then, which is the amylase and diastase.


You also need to have a control.


The substrate you are using is starch.


Your indicator is Benedicts solution that turns yellow when there are monosaccrides.


You should write up the lab using the outline in section two



Number Two








Procedure (in point form)


Results Table



To include:

·      Identify each powder and explain why

·      Discuss evidence and facts about denaturing due to   temperature

·      Discussion of possible experimental error

·      Discussion about the activity of amylase verse diastase



To include:

·      Hypothesis of lab verses results

·      Experimental error

·      Next variable to check



Number Three

Online References


Enzyme Lab



Amylase Lab



Amylase lab



Distinct questions to answer in your discussion

·      What is the difference between using Iodine verses Benedicts solution?

·      Which enzyme would be subject to denaturing and why?


Text book Reference


Chapter 6
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