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Biology 12 Nov 20th Lesson

Biology 12 Lesson Outline                                                 Date: Dec 20th


Last lessons Objective


Class Notes or Information


1.   Osmosis Lab Quiz and DNA

2.   DNA structure

3.   DNA function



Today’s Objective 1.   Organelle and Membrane Exam

2.   Review DNA Structure and Function

3.   DNA Replication



Hope it was a pleasant experience!





Key Points

1.   “DNA is a molecule that has a structure that allows both for integrity and diversity”. Can you explain why?

2.   “DNA” is a super coiled molecule” Can you explain why?

3.   “Structure of DNA is suited to it’s three primary functions” Can you explain why?




DNA Replication

Visualizing DNA Replication



1.   To make a “replica” is to make an exact copy. Here are some question to focus your attention.

·      When and why does a cell have to make a copy of it’s DNA?

·      What are the specific steps of DNA replication?

·      What protein structures are involved with insuring that this process occurs without error?

·      When could an error occur with DNA code sequence?

·      What building blocks are required for replication to occur?

Your mission:

Create a flow chart

The flow chart should include:

a)   each step of replication

b)   each protein (enzyme) and label it’s function

c)    A diagram showing what is occurring on the strand of DNA

d)   Label what chemical bonds are broken

e)   Label what chemical bonds are made

f)     You can cut and paste information from net if you show where information is from.

Text Ref  

Mader “Inquiry to life” Chapter 24 (section 24.1)


You tube DNA Replication



Amoeba Sisters on DNA and replication


Crash course on DNA and replication



Bozeman Video



Class Notes  

DNA Notes

Spark Notes


Lecture on DNA and Replication


Teacher “Mrs McComas” DNA Notes




Take Home msg



Next Class we will review Flow Charts..

Yes..this is for marks!

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