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Biology 12 Lesson Nov 18th

Biology 12 Lesson Outline                                      Date Nov 16 th



Last lessons Objective




Dialysis Lab and Membrane quiz

Today’s Objectives 1.   Dialysis lab Quiz

2.   DNA structure

3.   DNA function



Number One


Feedback on experiments

·      It is wise to listen to the criteria of lab

·      “if you are going to do a job, you might as well do it right…or learn from doing it wrong.


Lab Quiz

Number Two


DNA (the super coiled molecule) Power point


Wiki reference



What do we mean by 3 and 5 end of DNA




visualizing DNA and coiling of DNA




Understanding the properties of DNA




1.    You should be able to remember how many steps and what protein structures are involved in making a chromosome

2.    You should know the structure of a nucleotide.

3.    You should know the significance of covalent and ionic or hydrogen bonds in DNA

4.    You should know the significance of a 5 and 3 end of DNA

5.    You should be able to explain the pros and cons of having DNA as a super coiled molecule



Number Three

DNA ( function of DNA) Power point


The Functions of DNA



Three functions of DNA



1 Archival molecule


2 Synthesis of protein


3 Molecule linked to change within Evolution




You should start learning “the bits” so that you can explain the steps of


a)   Replication (next class after exam)



b)   Protein Synthesis (next class after exam)

Wikigeek reference



Video about protein synthesis




Key points


·      Discussions about DNA imply that you have learned both the structure and function of the DNA molecule.



·      Statement “DNA can function both coiled and uncoiled”. How do you explain this statement?


Tex book Ref


Test on Chapter on Cell Biology and Chapter on Cell Membranes.


You tube Listed within sections


Take Home Message ·      The code of life is an example a supercoiled molecule that can make copies of it’s self and also uncoil to reveal code to make protein.


·      DNA is still a molecule with it’s own mysteries that are still be learned.

Complete lab for osmosis is due

Next Friday

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