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Biology 11 Chapter 3 Review

Chapter Three Quiz Review….


Some primary vocabulary terms…


Concept Key ideas
punctuated equilibrium “rapid change” in morphology of that actually occurs over a period of time but appears as a jump in evolutionary change.
speciation formation of new species from pre-existing species

multiplication of species

hybrid result of two separate species, may result in offspring that cannot reproduce
acquired characteristic  
struggle for existance  
species group of interbreeding organisms which have been genetically separated
fixity of species  
fossil imprint of a formerly living organism. May be intake bone structure.
natural selection  
artificial selection  
divergence separation of species by isolating mechanisms, which causes species to genetically separate from each other.


Comparing Lamarck to Darwin


  Lamarck Darwin
Source of Change Brought about by environment  
Variablility and traits Acquired characteristics are inherited based upon use and disuse of structures  
Role of Genes If theory was correct then genes could be influenced by what the organism does  
Origin and source of variation Not known Not known
Source of insights observation of morphological features Observing


diversity amongst species

observing domestic species

  Organisms are able to adapt to their environment when they inherit variations that have been developed by their parents through use and disuse Six Development ideas



struggle for existance

species diversity

observation of selected traits

natural selection


Darwin and the Galapagos Islands…


Focus your explaination of diversity amongs species by considering…


  1. What were orgin of species on the Island?
  2. How did isolation mechanisms cause species to change?
  • consider all the options
  • how is genetic material changed or kept appart?
  1. How would Darwin’s six principles be used to explain how a species could change?
  2. What observations where used to help Darwin create an argument for:
  • Struggle for existence
  • Competition
  • Diversity within a species
  • Traits that allowed a species to survive.



Rates of change




What case studies show a steady change in adaption?


Punctuated Equilibrium


What species showed a rapid change then equilibrium in an in class lab?



How is adaptive radiation different to Darwin and Lamarack’s ideas?


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