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Biology 12 Oct 28th Class

Biology 12 Lesson Outline                                      Date Oct 28 th



Last lessons Objective




The Cell Membrane (Structure and function)

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Using a diagram to illustrate 12 structures and functions of the cell membrane.

2.   What is diffusion?

3.   What patterns of movement are show with M&M’s in water.



Number One


Go to the following link to explore the jobs of the cell membrane.


Use the information at this site to complete the 12 membrane challenges sheet.





Number Two

·      Read and be prepared to compare the following two structures and processes.

·      Diffusion and osmosis

·      Semi permeable membrane and selectively permemeable membrane



Number Three

Friday’s class will be lab based inquiry on osmosis. Please look at Inquiry in action site.



Text book Reference


Chapter Four : Cell Membrane


Note: There is a class note package with worksheet.



You tube Reference Comparing diffusion to osmosis



Inquiry with M&M’s (for last classes lab)



The cell the crash course and biomolecules




Take Home Message ·      The structure of the cell membrane is associated with the challenges of moving material across a lipid and protein fluid mosaic.


·      For particles to move they can move with a concentration gradient or against a concentration gradient.




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