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Biology 11 Oct 28th Class

Biology 11 Lesson Outline                                      Date Oct 28 th



Last lessons Objective



Isolation Mechanisms

Today’s Objectives  

o  How is adaption linked to mechanisms of change?

o  What was Darwin’s logical proposal?

o  Top 10 Assignment.



Number One



From your “gap” notes, what is a working definition for the term adaptation?


Constructing a time line for the theory of evolution.


How is “fixity of species” linked the finding a mechanism for change?


See “gap” notes for Chapter 3. Answer key is in green binder in Bio 11 Box


 Lab due at end of the week

Number Two

Question: How create a logical argument


If “A” then “B”

If “B” then “C”


If “ A” then “C”


With Darwin’s two step hypothesis there are two example of   this logic.


In step one:

Note the importance of growth and reproduction rate related to overpopulation.

Who did Darwin use to explore the struggle for existence in populations?


Step Two

There is variety in population.

What piece of evidence did Darwin not have?

How did Wallace gather his evidence?

Did Darwin coin the phrase “survival of the fittest”? What does this phrase actually mean?


Number Three

Please refer to Darwin top ten Assignment


Next Class Exam


Make key for next class

Text book Ref


Chapter Three Table
You tube Reference  
Take Home Message Was Darwin lucky in regards to evidence for his theory?

Why is the theory of evolution so controversal?



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