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Biology 11 Oct 26th

Biology 11 Lesson Outline                                      Date Oct 26 th



Last lessons Objective



Fossils and changes with time

Today’s Objectives  

1.      Isolation mechanisms (5)



2.     Directional Change



3.     Non Directional Change





Number One



What can separate one species from reproducing with another species?


What “barriers” between species can be crossed?


What is an example of a “boing” situation?


Using the hand out on snails, can you give examples for 4 isolation mechanisms in other species.



 Lab due at end of the week

Number Two

Question: How can a family tree be used to show changes in the structures found in elephant teeth?



1.   Record data on graph with family number

2.   Connect related family tree names.

3.   No graph line can go vertical. Why?

4.   Plates on the teeth are linked to types of food the elephant can eat.

5.   How is this related to the evolution of the elephant?



Number Three


Directional Change is a slow and gradual change. An example is the case study of evolution of the horse.


In the elephant lab there is both directional and nondirectional change.


How are these changes related to isolation mechanisms?

Next Class Exam


Make key for next class

Text book Ref


Chapter Two Table
You tube Reference Directional Change



Family tree history of elephants



Elephant Evolution



Using teeth to explore evolution



Take Home Message Isolate a species and that can change how it evolves.

Some changes may be linear and other may branch. Why?


Why would a wooly mammoth not survive if it was genetically engineered today?



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