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Bio 12 M&M lab oct 26th

Biology 12 Lesson Outline                                      Date Oct 26 th



Last lessons Objective




Cell Metabolism and diffusion

Today’s Objectives  

1.   Using a cell diagram write in metabolic pathways and organelles.

2.   What is diffusion?

3.   What patterns of movement are show with M&M’s in water.



Number One


In class quiz on two specific cell products.


Number Two

Refer to in class demo of M&M’s in 15ml of Water.

Design a simple test to notice the affects of hot or cold water or both.


Consider the following:


·      Is there a difference in change with type of colour?

·      Is there a difference in change with how close the two M&M’s are?

·      How does the pattern change with the addition of hot or cold water?



Number Three

·      How is diffusion linked to movement of molecules within the Cell?


·      How is diffusion linked to the movement of molecules through the cell membrane



Text book Reference


Chapter Four : Cell Membrane
You tube Reference Comparing diffusion to osmosis



Inquiry with M&M’s



Inquiry in Action (M&M’s and Temperature)




The cell the crash course and biomolecules




Take Home Message ·      What do you do to actually observe?


·      All living things depend upon a simple idea..diffusion.


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