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Science 10 Oct 19th

Science 10 Lesson Outline                            Date: Oct 19th


Last lessons Objectives



Chapter 8

Assigned Chapter Review





Acceleration Worksheet

Today’s Objective 1 How to calculate Acceleration

2 Review of Chapter

3 Unit Review



Number One


Activity One:

Calculation of Acceleration ( quiz results show a low average).

Need to compare Average velocity to final velocity.


Activity Two:

In class activity, first ten to finish copy review answers and share with rest of class.




Number Two

Prior to exam on Chapter 9 all students need to pass sample acceleration Questions.




Number Three


Prior to Chapter Test on Chapter 8




Do practice quizzes at BC Science 10


Do Khan academy review

One dimensional physics



Average Velocity



Introduction to motion





Work book Reference  

Chapter Eight

You tube Reference  


Other stuff! Sign up for a group to do for “eggsperiment”

Due at the End of the month

Check web page for eggsperiment sheet


Next Class Chapter 8 Test

Unit Review Check

Next week Chapter 9 tes



Take Home Message The difference between and ordeal and an adventure is attitude!  


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